Jennifer Cline
Designated Broker | Verrado Resident
Cell: 623-810-7098

Growing up in Santa Barbara, CA, I was surrounded by beauty and great architecture. My husband built custom homes for 35 years and we were immersed in the world of creating homes, not just houses.

When our daughter and her husband began to look for a less expensive place to settle, that held the standards of beauty and community that we were accustomed to, they stumbled upon Verrado and fell in love with it. In 2004, as parents so often do, we agreed that we too would make this move along with them. We now have 3 grandchildren living just a few blocks away, attending the Verrado schools, enjoying the parks and spending lots of time with us!! We have heard this story from so many of our friends here in Verrado!

Working for Verrado Realty for 12 years, I have had the privilege of being a part of the creation of our community and am so pleased with all it has become and all that lies ahead!!