AaronAaron Lighter
Realtor | Verrado Resident
Email: ALighter@verradorealty.com
Cell # 623-693-8030

Being fortunate enough to grow up in a small and nurturing community in Montana, I was taught and understood the meaning of life’s simple ethic; treat people how you want to be treated.  Not only do I value this ethic in my personal life, but I carry this ideal through my professional life as well.

After graduating high school, I entered a helicopter pilot training course in Oregon and received my helicopter pilot’s license.  As a professional helicopter pilot, I have had the opportunity to fly and work for a number of prestigious companies in many areas of the world including Afghanistan, Canada, and most every state in the US.

In 2007, I worked on Hurricane Katrina recovery and rescues for several months, but in 2005, on a wild land fire assistance mission with the US Forest Service, I met someone very special – my future wife and life companion.  Since then, we have spent 10 years traveling, working, and making a life together.  Just recently, we spent 5 years together working in Afghanistan for a helicopter logistics contract.

In 2011, my wife and I built our new home in what we believe is the best community in Arizona – Verrado!  After meeting and working with many amazing people in the Verrado community, we decided to make a career change and become part of the Verrado Realty Team.  As a licensed realtor, I look forward to assisting you in becoming residents of this beautiful and vibrant community.