Preparing for Summer

We all know, as the temperatures rise, it is tough on our homes, our landscaping, and ourselves!  Here are a few tips to get through hot summers most efficiently:


Keeping your house cool and comfortable this summer will go a long way, here are some ideas that will help to keep your home cool in the most efficient way. Before the heat rises, have your AC system checked by a professional and serviced if necessary. This may save you from the cost of replacing an AC unit that was not well maintained. It is essential to continue to change your air filters in the home, within the suggested timeframe, to help to keep your in-home air quality good and the system working well too. Also, pull weeds and remove debris around the exterior unit(s) to allow the air to flow freely. Check seals around doors and windows; good seals prevent hot air from leaking in and cool air from leaking out. Running ceiling fans and/or oscillating fans will keep your air circulating.


Taking care of the exterior of your home can also go a long way to allow for smooth sailing all summer long. To prevent serious damage from monsoon storms, trim trees and bushes away from your home at this time of year.  Check your entire irrigation system, including sprinkler heads and bubblers, to be sure all are in proper working order. Trees and plants can suffer in our hot summer months if they are not receiving enough water. Also, check for leaks in the sprinkler system to avoid an excessively elevated water bill.  Stay safe from sneaky scorpions my keeping leaves and brush picked up around your home through the summer months. Contact a pest control company to spray regularly to keep scorpions at a minimum – stings can be painful and dangerous!


Enjoy your summer in beautiful Verrado and remember to stay well hydrated!

Diane Simpson

Realtor | Verrado Realty

Verrado Resident

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