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What does an architect, investment advisor, lawyer, and plumber have in common?  All four of them serve the public. You wouldn’t want to design a house without a professional architect any more than you would try to manage your money, defend or prosecute a law case, or repair a broken pipeline without the appropriate professional to assist you.

Subsequently, when you are buying or selling a home, you would seek out the advice and professionalism of a real estate agent.  Buying a house is probably the single most important purchase in your life. It stands to reason then you would want professional assistance to guide you through the myriad channels of buying a house (or selling a house). Here are some important facts for you to consider that a Realtor will help you with:

  1. Listing your house at the correct, market-proven price is critical. Overpricing your house can lead to the risk of not getting buyers to the table at all. The longer a house is on the market, the more negotiable the purchase price becomes.
  2. For a Buyer, a good credit rating will be helpful and obtaining a prequalification document will be necessary if you will be financing the purchase. A Prequalification document from your lender states that you are financially responsible and able to meet monthly mortgage payments. Your Realtor can guide you through this.
  3. Typically you must put 20%, of the agreed upon price, down when purchasing a home but there are still options to purchase if you have less than the 20%. The availability of PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) is helpful, this is an important option and a Realtor will advise you to talk this through with your lender. These conversations pave the way for a much easier acquisition, and help you creatively work within the mortgage system to pay the PMI until the LTV, Loan to Value ratio reaches a certain percentage at which point you can eliminate your PMI.
  4. A very important thing to remember when purchasing a home is that, as a Buyer, there is no cost for the services of a Realtor. Realtor commission expenses are part of a listing agreement as the Seller lists their home.
  5. Finally, Realtors are your guiding light to a successful purchase or sale of a home. Some of the most important areas that Realtors handle include: price negotiation, agent occupied open houses, marketing in multiple arenas, staging a home and going over every detail of all documents a Buyer and Seller execute.

While other types of real estate companies claim to offer you a fair market value for your home, there can be hidden costs which mislead you as to the real value you will gain. Obtaining a Realtor gives you the peace of mind that you will be represented by a professional in all aspects, whether buying or selling.


Holly Nott and Pat Redfield

Realtors at Verrado Realty

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