Selling Your Home in Today’s Market by Tim Klimek

Selling in today’s market is tougher than the media portrays. The average buyer is savvy and they preview hundreds of homes online before they physically start previewing homes in person.  Therefore, making general renovations to your home will benefit you when you sell. How old is your home? Many of the homes in Verrado are 10+ years old and often dated, by today’s standards. Updating your home will equal dollar $IGNS when you decide to sell, however, you must be careful about trends when renovating. Some of the easiest and more cost-effective ways to accomplish this feat are the following: First, make sure your home is painted a neutral color throughout. Although painting is typically the easiest and only “cosmetic”, today’s buyers want this done. Most people are visual and lack the ability to see past a RED accent wall or that child’s bedroom that’s BLUE or PINK. Go NEUTRAL and lean towards a GRAY color palette or the very trendy GRAY-EIGE which is a subtle mix of GRAY and BEIGE.  Change those dated BLACK and WHITE appliances and be sure not to mix a variety of the like. Buyer’s today want stainless steel appliances. Again, this is another easy fix that will cost you upfront but pay dividends and help you sell your home quicker than the community average.  FLOORING, if your home wasn’t upgraded when you purchased and is showing signs of its age especially if you have 12×12 or even 16×16 tile, strongly consider making this improvement. Buyers nowadays prefer 12×24 tile or the even more popular wood-look tile that is both stylish and durable. Seek the advice from a local Interior Designer to help you choose paint colors and tile that compliment your current cabinets and décor.  This leads me to the next renovation project that will help you sell your home faster, CABINETS. In the world of cabinets there are three options, REFINISH, REFACE or REPLACE. The trend in the marketplace now is the GRAY color palette with white cabinets. This can all be accomplished through a reputable contractor that can professionally paint your cabinets white for updating, it’s a classic look that is timeless. There are several DO-IT-YOURSELF options in the marketplace but I strongly recommend the services of a professional. Buyers can see through any poorly executed DIY project and it could hurt the value instead of help.  Last and certainly not least, LANDSCAPING, make sure the exterior is updated just like the interior. Planting new plants or replacing those that are dead is imperative. Have a landscaper trim the yard and do a major clean up prior to listing your home on the market and taking photos. In addition, add several tons of new rock to make your backyard look like new again. If you implement these easy renovations prior to listing your home, it will give you the very best chance to sell, and sell quickly.


By Tim Klimek, Associate Broker at Verrado Realty

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