Why Your Outdoor Space is So Important – By Pamela Disney, Realtor & Verrado Resident

In communities like Verrado, life outdoors is part of the design, encouraging a sense of community.  New home construction trends are extending indoor living spaces to the backyard and front porch, making the livable space much greater than the interior square footage.  Even a small remodel of a home’s exterior can add value in more ways than one!

There are health benefits to being outdoors!  There is something about fresh air and moving around that lifts the spirit, mind and body!  It’s been shown that a dose of nature can boost the immune system, reduce stress, and help with depression.  Spending time outdoors promotes good vision, exercise and overall happiness.

But outdoor spaces add monetary value to your home too!  A well-planned outdoor space adds livable square footage to your property.  From a quaint courtyard with a fountain for a peaceful retreat, to an extravagant resort-style swimming pool, there are many ways to draw residents and visitors to the outdoors.  There are dozens of features one can add to his or her home, and many can be added at reasonable costs.

Besides pools and outdoor kitchens, homeowners are finding other ways to use their yards and porches.  A bistro set under a tree encourages a peaceful break; the firepit or outdoor fireplace is a cozy setting for socializing; while a backyard bocce court allows the whole family to play together.  Audio/visual systems are gaining popularity, moving a cramped “theater room” to a more spacious outdoors.  Even life-sized games are encouraging people to play on the porch: such as DIY Jenga, dominos, and Connect Four.

A well-designed outdoor space can add thousands of dollars to the value of a home, compared to a house without such features.  If you are selling your home, stage your outdoor areas to emphasize the “bonus” space, using dust-free furnishings, colorful flower pots or pillows, and clutter-free walkways.

We are so fortunate to live in an area where we can enjoy the outdoors most of the year.  And since spending time outside is so good for us, it makes sense to optimize the exterior of our homes.