The Boomers are coming, the Boomers are coming… By Chuck Disney, Realtor at Verrado Realty, Victory at Verrado Resident

On New Year’s Day in 1960, Sun City opened on the northwest side of Phoenix Arizona. That ushered in a new way of life for the empty-nester, which was looking for the ultimate in retirement living. Since that day we know these communities as retirement communities, 55+, active adult, senior living, and many more names and nicknames….Along with that comes an image of the people that choose this lifestyle. You know the ones, riding around in their golf carts, playing tennis, golfing, playing cards! Well, times – they are a changin’! Nowadays this means a bucket list of things to do and places to go. You see them in the gym, playing pickleball, hiking, riding mountain bikes, and generally active. Sound familiar?

Here are the facts. There are over 75 million baby boomers in the USA. These are people born between 1946 and 1964. They have money, they are in good health, and on the move! Phoenix is literally surrounded by these 55+ lifestyle communities. In Verrado we have Victory, and nearby is Sun City Festival, Pebble Creek, Sun City Grand, Canta Mia, and the list goes on! Most assuredly there are more to come. More importantly is that our valley is a mecca for this baby boomer on the move. We have the climate and activities to draw them.

In 2000, Buckeye was a little town of 6,500 people but in 16 years it has increased to 65,000 people and the estimates are that in 14 years the population will exceed 400,000! That’s why we are seeing the economic development in our own backyard here in Verrado. Fry’s Marketplace is being built as you read this, and many more businesses are coming. So, the landscape is changing and everyone involved, including real estate, from residential to commercial, has their work cut out for them. The baby boomers are part of the Verrado community now as Victory at Verrado is two years old and will be home to over 7,000 residents. The baby boomers are coming and we are ready!