We Have Moved !

Verrado Realty is excited to announce that we have moved and taken another step in our 13 years of commitment and excellent customer service to the community of Verrado. Designated Broker Jennifer Cline had three iconic words in mind when relocating her team to the Jackson Building this month: location, location, location.  Today, the Verrado Realty team remains intrinsically involved in every phase of Verrado’s phenomenal growth, from the sale of new homes, resale properties, and custom homes to custom home sites.

We are now located in the center of Verrado on the corner of Verrado Way and Main Street.

4236 N. Verrado Way, Suite 102, Buckeye, AZ 85396



Build you dream home on this custom 1.36-acre homesite high on the mountain with dramatic views of Verrado. Close to all amenities including the new Verrado Swim Park, Heritage K-8 school, Golf Course, shopping, dining, hiking, and bike trails.

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Balance in the world of Real Estate | By Jennifer Cline, Resident & Designated Broker

We all know that balancing work and family time can be a challenge. Realtors must work to juggle this well. They know that the decision their Buyer or Seller is making is a very important one that will impact their lives. This is at the top of their mind each and every day and does not click off after business hours or on weekends. Their goal is to be available to their clients at all times.
A Buyer is looking to move their family into a home where they feel comfortable and are able to enjoy all that surrounds them. An investor is likely interested in purchasing a property with a good location and durability, with the expectation of appreciation.
A Realtor works towards obtaining the best price for their Seller, to assist them in moving forward towards their next home purchase.
All of this takes much expertise, dedication, time and follow up on the part of a Realtor.
Now let’s go back to the need for balance between work and family time…. Can it be achieved in the life of a Realtor who is committed to their family and clients? As a Broker, I look to the Realtors in my office for that answer. The answer is yes! I am witnessing a group of people making it work beautifully.
When the common goal of an excellent customer experience is shared by all, when there is a willingness to help on the part of each Realtor in the office, family time can be achieved for each as well.
Are there late hours? Absolutely! Are there long hot days? More than they can count! Are there “those days”? Definitely! But I will tell you, I know they find joy in their work, in finding the perfect home for a first time Buyer, in locating that “just right” move up property or in seeing that sign come down as their Seller moves on to their next home.
Then there is the joy of going home to spouses, new babies, children, grandchildren, parents, brothers, sisters and friends too.
Balance between work and family, it must be intentional and working with such great people makes it possible!!