By Tessie Davis, Sales Associate and Verrado Resident

Top Questions to Ask the Listing Agent At An Open House

While driving around Verrado, you can’t help to notice all the OPEN HOUSE Signs. As a buyer, an open house can provide you with the opportunity to gather quite a bit of information on a property in a short amount of time. The listing agent often times will be present and ready to answer questions, which will allow a buyer to get first hand information they might not otherwise get directly.

    1. Why are the owners selling their home?
      Knowing why the sellers are moving can help you gauge how fitting the home and the area is for you.
    2. Are there any problems with the home?
      In most states the law requires real estate agents to disclose any structural problems or code violations to potential buyers. Any major issues that an agent is aware of that could affect a buyers purchase decision should be disclosed.
    3. Have there been any changes in the price of the home?
      The seller’s real estate agent can let you know of any drops in the price of the home, and why the price dropped. This information can help you gauge whether the price is flexible, which may mean you can get the home for an even better price. If there have been multiple drops in the price, it is a good idea to look more carefully at the home and ask your agent about the situation.
    4. What are the average utility costs?
      You may be looking at a much higher utility bill than you are used to. Ask to see utility bills so you can get an idea of what your costs will be and be sure to include that in your calculations for what you can afford over the long-term.
    5. How long has the home been on the market?
      You and your real estate agent can find this information on your own, but the listing agent may give you more insight into how long the home has been on the market and why. If a home is listed for too long, it often becomes harder to sell, which can give you more bargaining power. You may find that the home has only been for sale a short while, but that buyers are expressing a lot of interest – in which case you may need to make an offer if you want to get the house for yourself.

Hopefully these questions to ask a listing agent at an open house have been helpful. Use the opportunity to learn what you can. Who knows you may get more information that you ever expected!
By Tessie Davis, Sales Associate at Verrado Realty and Verrado Resident

Did you know?

The Verrado developer , DMB, brought out Native American Indian researchers to decipher what the petroglyphs on the rock formation along the hiking trail that begins at the end of the Lost Creek Road tell us.  They suggest that those that left their mark were passing through, not villagers.  At the time these were done the area had become more arid and uninhabitable and the Indians chose the area by the Gila River to reside.