When you live in Verrado and work together in an office every day you truly become a family.

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At Verrado Realty we are quite proud of the many life experiences (and much laughter!) we have amassed over the 11 years we have had our doors open on Main Street in Verrado.

Tim Klimek– We have witnessed Tim become a husband, a father and he is now awaiting the birth of baby #2. Needless to say, Tim’s parents have relocated to Verrado as well, grandchildren will cause that! A little known fact about Tim…he is an expert decorator!!

Pat Redfield-As you take a walk in Verrado with Pat, you realize quickly, everyone knows her. That walk may take a long time as so many stop to talk to her! Pat serves on Verrado’s “Community Pride Committee”.

Holly McGinty-Holly, Pat’s daughter, joined us after many years in education. In this case, daughter and family followed Mom and Dad to Verrado! As the only Tri-Athlete in Verrado, participating in many events across the valley we say “GO HOLLY…represent us well”.

Diane Simpson– Diane and her husband are often seen out enjoying the evenings with their friends in Verrado. While Verrado is definitely home, they can often be found in California enjoying time with family and their sweet dog Sadie too!!

Bette Popiel-Bette immigrated from Canada 20 years ago. We think weather might be a factor!  While not in the office, Bette volunteers for the Buckeye City Police Department and is a member of the Verrado Leadership Committee.

Aaron Lighter and Tessie Davis- A couple with many stories to tell after working in Afghanistan for five years. Aaron continues to fly helicopters when his expertise is needed. Tessie’s parents live here in Verrado as well, family time at its best!

Jim Titus– It’s hard to imagine Jim, with his very eloquent speaking; cheering on the Arizona Cardinals but that is our Jim! He and his wife enjoy life in Verrado along with their dog “Yale”.

Brennen Kent-Brennen shares pictures of his ”goldendoodle”  (yep it’s a pup) the way others do their children! We are all looking forward to the wedding of Brennen and his fiancé, guessing those photos might change!

Jada Garcia– Jada joined us while still in high school! She has that wonderful way of knowing what we need before being asked. Jada’s love of photography has her aspiring to travel to Bora Bora with her family, for the photos of course!!

Jenny Cline– Jenny’s daughter and her family live in Verrado too. Yes, there are those grandkids again! Jenny is a member of the WATERisLIFE team and has a strong passion for the people of the villages where WiL is committed. Jenny has traveled to Kenya, Ghana and Haiti, multiple times over the years, in her efforts to support these projects.

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