Did you know? Issue no. 1

Verrado’s Land History with Caterpillar

Verrado has a rich history in the West Valley, much of which is unknown. Our community’s land was once occupied by the bulldozer manufacturer Caterpillar for decades and used as its proving grounds. When they purchase the land in 1948 the property seemed far from the city center, but by the mid-1990s Caterpillar saw new housing developments popping up all over the West Valley. They sought a partnership with a developer to turn the land into a housing community and chose DMB from dozens of national contenders. The site took work to prepare, including a freeway exit and clearing the land of tracks made by years of bulldozer tread. Now, there is a huge hole, think football field size, part way up a back access road locally known as “The Scar;” dug out by caterpillar many years ago. Caterpillar partnered with DMB, Verrado’s developer, in 1997 to convert its 8,800-acre proving grounds into the residential development, but the road through the mountains remains. The hike to the top of “The Scar” is a difficult one but once you reach a small plateau with its 360 degree view it gives you the feeling of being “on top of the world”! Today, as a land beneficiary, the Caterpillar Foundation’s long-term relationship with DMB and the City of Buckeye brings industry and higher education to the area.

Read more about the land’s history.

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