The Custom Corner – by Tim Klimek

Choosing a custom homesite in Verrado

There are many factors to consider when choosing a custom homesite.  The purpose of this article is to educate the reader why choosing the right custom homesite is one of the most important choices in the custom home building process.  The homesite you choose is the absolute constant during the building of your dream home.  Changes may be made to both interior and exterior features including architectural design, cabinet color, flooring and various other features and appointments that make your home uniquely yours. The homesite you inevitably chose will never change.  I urge potential custom homeowners  to find out all they can about each particular homesite, visit the site during different times throughout the day to best understand where the sun is rising and setting, where the optimal views lie, setbacks and where future neighboring homes will be built.  Identify the key characteristics of each homesite and make sure the site compliments the design you are contemplating building.

When choosing a custom homesite it is essential to assemble a team full of knowledgeable professionals.   Working with a realtor that understands the current market conditions, respective design guidelines and building requirements for each site is a must.  Interviewing an experienced builder and architect is also paramount.  There are a number of realtors, builders and architects to choose from, however, working with someone experienced in the specific community you wish to build is important for the overall successful of the project.  The professionals you choose will need to keep your budget in mind every step of the way.  Making the correct homesite choice is a big part of any custom home project budget.  While you’re free to hire your own qualified architect or builder, there are several builders and architects that are proven within Verrado who offer their commitment and expertise to our custom homeowners.  I recommend starting with a builders and architects that have proven themselves in the community and have solid references from past clients.

Purchasing a custom homesite in Verrado has never been so attainable.  Currently there are 51 custom homesites available for sale within our great community.  Each site is unique in its own right, offering various views, location and accessibility to all Verrado amenities.  There are several homesites that are priced in the low to mid $100’s with premium golf, mountainside and wash homesites ranging from $85,000 to in excess of $500,000.  Every custom home project must start with the purchase of a homesite.  Make the connection with a qualified and experienced realtor, builder and architect from the very beginning to achieve best results for your custom home project.  It’s a momentous time for creating a home that will be a legacy for you, your family and your new community.

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